Creating my own WordPress website

The experience of setting up my own WordPress was, overall, a pretty smooth one. One can find it here:

I thought it would be much more work than it was, but thanks to the streamlined process created by WordPress, there was little actual work to be done by the user. During the initial creation of the website, the software relies on very little information to set up the website, and after creating it I found it very intuitive to make any changes I needed to. 

I like the ways that themes and plugins are organized. It makes it very clear where one should go if they would like to alter the site’s appearance or functionality. Additionally, the existence of these features makes it very easy to make desired changes. Changing one’s site theme is as easy as simply clicking on the theme one wants, and it’s easy to make further customizations. Adding new plugins is very easy as well, as the process of searching and installing these plugins is extremely intuitive. Usually, adding functionality to one’s site can range from mildly inconvenient to frustratingly impossible, but these premade plugins make it incredibly smooth.

As for what I plan to use this website for, I could see it being a great way of creating some additional online presence, particularly for the purposes of finding a job. I could utilize the site to showcase my projects, skills, and background. And with the ability to easily make new pages, it would be easy to organize the site the way I want it.

The main benefit I see with using something like WordPress to create a website is the wide variety of customization options while still being relatively easy to use. The drawback is the inverse. Using a social media platform or signing up for a hosted service is often much easier. With social media, there is very little setup needed, and with a hosted service, a lot of the technical work is handled by the company.



  1. Adding plugins couldn’t have been easier with WordPress. Just imagining doing that with raw code is kind of a nightmare.

  2. I think the point that you talked about having a website is helpful to job application is very useful, and I strongly agree that changing theme without having to code anything is really convenient.

    • To people who don’t know how to code using html and css to build a website, this platform is a really convenient way for them to have their own website.

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