My First WordPress!

Today I created my first WordPress site! It was a fun experience, and I managed to obtain a product I am satisfied with, I hope that it will grow as so does my knowledge about WordPress. This task was challenging a couple of times because of the amount of things I could control! I had no idea how many things there are to personalize, I wanted to add an image, and struggled to find the place to add the image that I wanted. I mean that I first added images in other places before I could finally add the one I wanted.

I am excited to use this new tool. I believe that this is a place where I will be able to post about me in a more formal way than other places offer. I also think that having control over the page will give me the ability to highlight the information I want, and create a hierarchy so people will find the most relevant things first. I also expect that it will highlight the fact that I have skills in other areas as I am able to manage my own webpage.


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  1. Hi Alejandro, l really enjoyed browsing through your website! I love how you embed web links in your about page, which makes web navigation really convenient. Interesting to find out that you worked in a research involving Markov Chains and the game Tapatan! And good luck with your internship at PwC this summer!

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