Northfield Gems: Week 8 Update


  • Collected 100+ responses from polling
  • Created ArcGIS StoryMap and started inputting locations
    • Average rating, description, student testimonials / reviews 
  • Divvy-up the locations we are covering; each group member will pick a building(s) and research:
    • Opening date
    • Previous tenant(s)
    • Old photos
    • Other historical narratives / facts
  • Georeferenced Sanborn Maps of Division Street from 1884~1990, which gave us insight into the kinds of changes the street went through.
  • 3D modeled multiple buildings in town

Problems (and proposed solutions)

  • We lacked a dataset on which to expand our project to a more humanistic inquiry-type research. Solution was to visit the librarian (Kristin Parlo) and get insights into the kinds of dataset we should look into. Dataset included the Sanborn Maps from the Library of Congress, Aerial Maps of Carleton College, and Beacon Real Estate Data of Northfield.
  • One of the problems we faced was the limit on the number of maps we could georeference on the Rumsey site. To bypass this issue, Yemi Shin found out that we could delete our map once we finished editing it and still get a persisting embedded link. This allowed us to use the georeferenced map even after deleting it and upload another map and do the same.
  • When creating a 3D model of Hogan Brothers, Ali Ramazani realized that the inside of the restaurant is visible through the windows. Therefore, he decided to use the warehouse feature on sketch up to import some dining tables to make the inside of the restaurant look not too empty. 

Tools and techniques

  • Google Forms → polling
  • ArcGIS StoryMap → address/location of each place, descriptions, ratings, student reviews
  • WordPress → website that will house the multiple entry-points of our project; separate pages that will lead to 1) StoryMap, 2) interactive 3D tour, 3) historical developments / narratives behind each location, …
  • Sketch Up → creating 3D models of the restaurants on the Division street. 
  • David Rumsey Georeferencer Tool


8th Week Thur

Finish StoryMap (top 10 most popular food spots, chosen according to polling)

9th Week Tue

Complete individual research on building history

Continue building both story maps (incorporate gathered data/documents) and 3D models (more than half of what we set out to build should be complete)

Try to create a more presentable website based on the Sanborn Maps

Start putting 3D models into the StoryMap

9th Week Thur

Finish fleshing out the story map, 3D models should be completed and imported into the map

10th Week Tue

Last minute editing of the story map and getting ready for our presentation



  1. Team Gems, you all have an impressive range of tools and approaches to your topic here, and you have divided tasks between team members nicely. The storymap is well on its way (you might want to check zoom levels, however, to make sure they are relevant).

    The historical map layers and 3D model integration are still a bit fuzzy, but I’m excited to see what you can pull together for those. Let me know if you need additional assistance.

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