Web Mapping 101 Post – Carlos

Hello, here’s the link to my embedded map on my site.

I think web mapping is a viable option for data representation for a variety of different projects, as long as they have some geographical/spatial element to them. Having done some web mapping myself, it’s very intuitive and the process is almost completely automated after you have your coordinates/addresses.

Representing Data in this format has many advantages. One of which is being able to communicate data that would otherwise take a long time to digest, in seconds. For instance, if I wanted to go Christmas light watching and I had a spreadsheet of all the homes in my neighborhood with Christmas lights. The night would go by much quicker if I had a map that highlighted all the houses with lights instead of a list of addresses.

ArcGIS’s publicly available maps/data is another area I see Web Mapping thriving in. Being able to post your maps and data to the public and use other peoples’ to cooperatively create new experiences is a valuable aspect of this software. For fun, I added all the Whataburgers in Texas to the embedded map I linked above, you just have to scroll down.

Those are my thoughts on Web Mapping, thank you.


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