What Carleton Students Do For Fun?


A interactive web map of clubs and recreations at Carleton.


Clubs information:


One of Adam’s friends who works for CarletonArchive Source

Events information:

https://contentdm.carleton.edu/digital/collection/Archives/id/2634 (winter ball)


  • Use a Carleton map and existing software to create the map: ESRI Story Maps or Story Map JS
  • Coordinates of the each clubs & name & description
  • Archival data collection


Our final deliverable will consist of two parts. First part is an interactive web map of current clubs. We will add a description for each club, and corresponding pictures. We will also add large social events and tradition (winter ball/ frisbee toss) into the interactive map. If clubs or events have past history, we will add that into the description. If we have times, we will also add oeka pages with information/history on clubs that don’t exist anymore


Week 8

  • Gather clubs list
  • Reach out to club organizers for information we need
  • Decide which software to use(after talking with Austin about the project)
  • Gather photos and information from Carleton archives
  • Do necessary prep work to create map

Week 9

  • Create an interactive map with the all the current club information
  • Create an Omeka page of all the historial club
  • Generate a timeline for clubs that exists before

Week 10

  • Gather feedbacks from peer and make any further improvements

Other DH project for reference

Timeline representation:

Group Members

Adam Kamp (@kampa) Kevin Chen (@chenk4) Carlos Flores (@florescarlos) Ryan Basava Reddi (@basavareddir) James Marlin (@marlinj) Peter Tu (@peter-tu)

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  1. Team Clubs,
    This is a fun topic and you have the start of an interesting idea here, with good models to draw from in the organizations directory page and last year’s Carleton Traditions project. What needs some refining is what aspects in particular your project will focus on and how they will be organized/displayed. A map makes sense for some of the organizations (e.g. I could see the Druids being “located” at the Stone Circle or Hill of Three Oaks, or any number of other places, but for other clubs I’m less sure a location makes sense. And some may share locations, e.g. sports clubs using the same fields…

    As you think about how users will interact with your content, you may want to think beyond just the map. You mention omeka, and it might be worth checking out some Omeka site examples to see what that platform offers. There are plugins that add maps, timelines and others to omeka collections which might be a good way to go here.

    This has a lot of potential but needs some refining,

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