CarlClubs Final Project Update


  • Created a spreadsheet with information on all the clubs, including descriptions, location, the approximate number of members, and photos
  • In the process of emailing club leaders to gather further necessary information(founding date, for example)
  • Gathered info from archive source “Carleton remembered, 1906-1986.” Should be done today or tomorrow.
  • Contacted the head of clubs and have a meeting scheduled for Monday morning to get access to all the old club data, hopefully in an easy process the form.

Problems (and proposed solutions)

Not all information about a club can be found easily or at all. We’ve been forced to be more creative with our methods of gathering information, and we’ve also begun contacting the leaders of the clubs to see if they have more information.

Tools and techniques

  • After consulting with Austin, we decided to create an Omeka site using the Curatescape plugin for the interactive map portion of our project. 
  • We plan to use the Story making aspect in order to describe the current clubs at Carleton, with Curatescape, we can implement a .csv file that lists all of the details of the clubs and generates this for us
  • Link to documentation:


Update of Our Timeline

Week 9

  • Reach out to club organizers for information we need
  • Gather information about history of the club
  • Create an interactive map with the all the current club information
  • Create an Omeka page of all the historial club
  • Generate a timeline for clubs that exists before

Week 10

  • Gather feedbacks from peer and make any further improvements

Yes! Our project is still on track.

Our club spreadsheet.



  1. Team Clubs, you’ve made great strides with some tricky tech challenges to get the research spreadsheet to Omeka/Curatescape pipeline working.

    On the timeline front, you have a plugin on the site already that can generate this from Omeka items called Neatline Time. You can try to set this up to display founded dates and/or date ranges for historical clubs that no longer exist. Happy to help troubleshoot in class.

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