The Medium of Microfiche – FINAL PROJECT

The Medium of Microfiche is our project that transposes the dusty and overlooked microfiche from Carleton’s collection into a contemporary, interactive digital playground for people to experience an antiquated and forgotten approach to storing information (microfiche). Our project is broken down into three main components: optical character recognition (OCR) to get an extractable text from the microfiche scans, sentiment analysis to analyze the temperament of the content, an interactive simulator that allows you to interact with the microfiche digitally, Our project made us think about the implications of storing information and how it should be kept for future generations to see the medium. Finally, if you liked this project (and Microfiche in general), we highly encourage you to boot up Crazy Frog on fourth Libe to explore the vast and sunken world of microfiche for yourself.

View our project here!


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