My personal website

This was my second time setting up my personal website and the process was clearly different from my first blog. My first website was a Github page hosted by Github. It was also free and there are many layouts I can use, but the customization really depends on user’s coding skill, especially HTML, CSS, and Markdown.

My personal website

Compare to the experience of building my first website, the process was neat and easy to adjust. This website is based on the WordPress server and it has user-friendly interface to work with. The first step was setting the domain. WordPress already gave me some suggestions and I just had to setup my authentication information and other settings for the website.

After creating my personal website, I started to look up the themes to apply. WordPress provides various layouts for different purposes of websites such as personal, business, articles, etc. So, I searched up “blog” and applied a design that I thought clear and simple. Also, WordPress provides many plug-ins that helps the functionality of the website. For example, I installed Akismet plug-in to protect the website from comment spam.

After applying the theme, I also installed Simple Custom CSS plug-in to apply CSS code to my website. This gave me a flexibility to customize further based on the theme I have. I was thinking that the font of the page “ABOUT” is too small, so I decided to make it bigger. First I clicked “inspect” from the browser to check the HTML elements of the website. After finding the tag I was looking for, I applied the code shown below to the plug-in and published. When I refreshed the website, the font became much bigger and easy to click.

.main-menu>ul>li>a {
    font-size: 20px;

Like this, building a website with WordPress was overall very easy and intuitive from my experience. Although, I do agree that building a website using HTML, CSS, and Javascript (or maybe using a framework) would give a full potential to customize from the ground up, but it definitely requires some level of knowledge of the skills mentioned. Considering productivity and accessibility, I think WordPress is a great option to save time for struggling and start a website quickly.



  1. Second website! Now I want to see the first one. Very good job guiding us through your process, and I am and telling and showing us the importance of coding skills when creating a website, particularly CSS and HTML.

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