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Here is my personal website! I have the experience of developing a website from scratch but have never used WordPress before. While setting up the website, I am constantly amazed at how convenient it is to create a personal website using WordPress. I don’t need to write a single line of code and worry about all the arrangements of different elements. I only need to find a theme, edit each block, and change the content. That is a much better experience compared to writing every piece of HTML and CSS code from the beginning.

What might you do with this platform

I believe a personal website is a place to showcase yourself to the general public. I can incorporate projects or experiences I worked on into this website to introduce myself in a more formatted and visually pleasant way. Unlike a resume or some form of documentation, adding content to the website doesn’t have any restrictions, allowing me to express myself as freely as possible. Though I don’t have much experience with WordPress, different plugins can also help to make the website have more functionalities and display information more diversely.

Benefits or Drawbacks of a personal website

The difficulty of distribution is definitely a drawback of a personal website. The only way is to share your URL with anyone you know. However, there is already an established friend circle and daily active users in social media so the content you pose on social media can be more easily noticed. Using a website increases the cost for people to view your content, thus it is relatively inefficient to deliver new information. Nevertheless, there are so many restrictions on social media, such as word limits or picture limits. For a majority of social media, you can only add pictures and texts. Yet on a personal website, you can create whatever you want with the extensive library of plugins and tools. You will not have any restrictions on a personal website, which is a huge benefit compared to social media.


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  1. Hi Peter, your website has a really nice theme, I love it! I also agree that the process was super smooth in building a website with WordPress. I didn’t think about comparing personal website with social media so it was interesting to see that. I guess nowadays social media is replacing the role of personal website, but I think it’s still nice to have a personal space for personal ideas.

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