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I have used WordPress before; I found the process of setting up the website pretty straightforward. However, I have never had complete control over the website to customize it fully. Still, I went ahead and set up a menu for my website, although it is currently bare as there is not much to put on the website yet. My website is named Little Steps, to showcase the little projects that will help me build skills for a future bigger picture.

Setting it up

I didn’t use CSS to change elements of the website; instead, I opted to find and customize a theme and to create a navigation menu for my website. So far, I have an About page and a drop-down menu labeled “DH Work” that future users will be able to click on pages and posts of my forthcoming digital projects in this class and beyond. Moreover, I’m interested in making a digital version for my COMPS, which would include an interactive map, so I’ll probably make a page solely dedicated to it. 


  • WordPress comes with pre-built but easily customizable sites, with the design work already done and pre-installed, which are useful, especially for beginners
  • Plugins – they enable you to do just about anything on your website; if there’s something you want but can’t figure out how to make it, you can easily find several free plugins instead (although there might be a bit of a learning curve for some)
  • The community – WordPress has so many contributors and users that it is easy to find/get help


  • Setting up how to navigate your website can be daunting – I have done it before, but some might have to google, especially if they are going for a specific web design, but it is simple once you have done it once 
  • Updates – for some features to work, you need to update WordPress, plugins, etc. 
  • Hosting


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  1. Hi Hodan, I like how you thought about how to use this website in the future. Calling it “Little Steps” makes a lot of sense, and I also think you came up with a good use for the cite. Because we are making the site in a class context, it’s likely that we’ll need to add classwork to it, and so it’s good to find a way to combine that use — showcasing class projects — with a broader function — using the site as a CV, etc.

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