The Beginning of My Web Journey

The latest DGAH 110 adventure involved creating and setting up our own website for future use!

My website is very early in the dev stage and unfinished in many ways, but I am more than excited to learn more about WordPress and website domain control. I have many uses for this webpage including a way to showcase my coding projects and experiences, a way to document events of my OCS trip this Spring, and gaining knowledge to be used for a project that I am working on for my mom.

There are many responsibilities that come with being the admin of a website. I don’t have the default protections or censoring that come from social media sites. I have to filter all of the comments and users of my site while also adding changes to my page. It isn’t a negative, but it takes that much more of my time. In terms of the protections, I’ve noticed that on Safari there are ‘Not Secure’ tags on WordPress sites. I don’t know the value of this tag, but it’s something I hope to learn more about.

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  1. Hi, I love the color scheme on your website! It’s so calming to look at and feels very modern and simple. I also noticed the “not secure” tag on my personal site. But it seems like this class site is “secure” for me, on chrome at least. I wonder where this difference lies ..

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