Henry- Web Presence

After following the steps, I have a website. The WordPress interface made it extremely easy for me to set up a basic website with customization actions like changing the theme and file structure. Even though I have a strong programming background, I didn’t find myself in need of drawing upon my web skills to implement any features my heart desired. It’s clear that WordPress is designed so that anyone can set up a website as painlessly as possible- I can confirm that they are successful in doing so.

I’ll use this website to link projects I’ve worked on, write blog posts about updates in my life, and list contact info if anyone wishes to get in touch.

The nice thing about having this website is that it is a more professional platform in comparison to alternatives like social media accounts. I use social media accounts to post silly things about my life- it is nice to have a website where I can update people on the serious things and sift out the convoluted riff-raff.


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