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Welcome to Eric Writes, my blog that may or may not undergo a drastic title change once creativity strikes again.

I searched through a lot of themes before settling on one that did not look like a commercial website. I was searching for something simple and easy to navigate. I currently plan to just use this platform for class related projects, but I could see myself coming back to set up a more serious personal website in the near future. The CSS element I added was a border around the “Nothing Found” box.

There are a few pros and cons to using a service like WordPress versus rolling out my own website:


  • WordPress makes it easier and simpler to maintain
  • It can make it easier to present if you do not have an aesthetic mind
  • You do not necessarily need to learn to code
  • Likely cheaper


  • Less creative control over the look of your site
  • Less control over all aspects of the site
  • The skills required to develop and roll out your own site demonstrate a more marketable and impressive skillset

Eric Gassel

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  1. Hey Eric. I agree, it is a little annoying that you can’t change somethings on your website. It’s annoying how some themes don’t let you change something as simple as the background color.

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