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While setting up my blog, I faced some problems that were hard to solve. I had experience with WordPress previously, but it was a long time ago, so I had no memory in customizing my own blog. Moreover, some steps like setting up the plugin was not a part of my experience few years ago, which made some of the process really confusing for me. I got stuck in making the menu show up on the bottom of my home page, which links to the about section. However, I managed to make my about page show up on my homepage after a lot of customization!

I plan to use this space as a personal blog where I could write out my own thoughts about digital humanities. I would like three sections in my blog: About, Gallery, and Blog. About will be a page where I explain who I am and what this blog is intending to do. Gallery will be a page where I upload my projects such as 3D design photos. Blog will be a page where I upload posts with my own arguments, such as a post about whether humanities students should learn coding.

It is exciting to have my own website for posting my ideas and projects, instead of signing up for a hosted service or using a social media platform. As it is a place purely owned by myself, I can upload anything I want to without any restrictions. If we use a hosted service or a social media platform, there can be lots of restrictions and we can also view other people’s posts, which may not be what we want to see. However, viewing other people’s posts might not helpful for us when we are looking for a wider range of thought. Also, when we use a hosted service or a social media platform, there is no need for us to pay for the domain and customize the design of the website. Still, I really look forward to using my own website!


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