A WordPress Site, All My Own

This is my new WordPress site, just for me! Please feel free to check it out, though I admit it is not very glamorous. I hope to add to the general presentation of the site with some photos to make it both more interesting and less clinical feeling, but that will come with time.

I certainly see the benefits to creating your own WordPress site for those with projects or blogs that they wish to display. It is relatively simple to use and has an accessible interface where simple tasks – like creating an About Me page or uploading photos – can be accomplished without too much knowledge of computer science or coding. You can even start from scratch, editing the theme to be exactly as you would like and adding whatever pages and widgets your heart desires, without having to adhere to someone else’s setup.

For me, this platform will likely only see use during this class, but now that I know how to set up my own site, perhaps in the future I can create a site for discussing my own projects and career goals, or even create a blog to help other students find information about archaeology graduate school.

I did have some issues navigating certain aspects of the site, however. I could not seem to locate the database for the site through phpMyAdmin as Austin suggested, though I suspect this is user error. Is there a step I was skipping to locate the database? While I certainly see the benefits to a site like this, as I mentioned above, I can also see why someone would prefer to just use a social media platform or a hosted service. Being able to just get started right away rather than have to worry about setting up a theme or various widgets would be nice, depending on your goal and your project. I’m interested to see what we do with these sites going forward!

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