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I found SketchUp easy until I wanted to adjust my house’s model and add more detail. I am coming to this class with a lot of experience in Autodesk Fusion which is a CAD program. Fusion, unlike SketchUp, has a pretty steep learning curve, but in turn, has many powerful features such as a timeline. There were some features such as mirroring sketches that SketchUp does not have which made me miss Fusion a lot when I had to make all of my windows by hand. Moreover, SketchUp and Fusion have pretty distinct workflows. I tried to treat SketchUp like Fusion where you try to keep everything in as few sketches as possible and extrude and modify at the very end. In terms of compromises, the house is far from a box and has an arc with one side of the windows. I could not figure out how to put this arc without covering the windows. I also tried to make metal-grated fences to cover the windows, but alas, I got frustrated. Finally, I could see SketchUp as a good (and accessible) way to present and visualize objects and spaces.

James Brink

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