My favorite quotation from the readings

Quotation: “Almost all the artifacts that we value as a society were made by the order of men.”

Debbie Chachra, “Why I Am Not a Maker,” The Atlantic, January 23, 2015.

This quote resonated with me because I could see quite a bit of truth in it. As a man myself, I feel like I am intrinsically driven to create something for society that sells. When I say “sell” I don’t necessarily mean exchanging the product/service for money. It could also mean that a lot of people like it and want to use it as it makes their lives easier. In fact, since a few years, I have been continuously studying the education system in the country that I am from, Mauritius. I’ve been thinking of ways to improve the system, especially by making use of online tools such as Zoom, Facebook, Whatsapp, my personal website, and what not. I have been watching tutorials on YouTube in order to be better at marketing so that more educators and students can join me, with the aim of bettering online teaching/tutoring in Mauritius. Everyday I think about how I can innovate, how I can create something (related to my tutoring organization) that will make people happy, and so on.

I’ve noticed that my friends, especially female ones, do not really share my passion for creating things that are useful for society. They generally prefer to talk about stuff like LGBTQ, law, food, sex education, and street harassment. They will discuss only for the sake of discussing but not implementing. I remember one female friend in particular; however much I tried, she simply did not feel the drive to go out and create useful things for society. Nevertheless, I learn a lot from them.

This term, I would like to develop my blogging skills, particularly writing in a way which is neither too formal nor informal, and reading other people’s posts with comprehension and putting well thought comments. I would also like to learn more about how to create an identity on social media in a way which is really captivating and impactful in terms of making people know who I am. That’s because I want to be joined by more people who are passionate about my cause too, and really create something explemplary for Mauritius and the world at large as far as the field of education is concerned.


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