Divided Communities

The ways in which identities inform both theory and practice in digital humanities have been largely overlooked. Those already marginalized in society and the academy can also find themselves in the liminal spaces of this field.

Bailey Z. Moya. “All the Digital Humanists Are White, All the Nerds Are Men, but Some of Us Are Brave” JDH. http://journalofdigitalhumanities.org/1-1/all-the-digital-humanists-are-white-all-the-nerds-are-men-but-some-of-us-are-brave-by-moya-z-bailey/

I agree with the statement made here.

The way people interact inside their online communities and on the internet at large really should not go unnoticed. The actions shown by a person in their everyday life are magnified online, and since our world today is definitely not in the best shape already, I would argue that it’s 10 times worse on the internet. The various circles of digital humanities act the same as the real world because they do not (or at least rarely) allow any space for other groups that aren’t able-bodied white men, and even in the spaces that are predominately filled with the opposite, these spaces are easily overshadowed by the more popular spaces. I think that a root change is necessary for the future growth of digital humanities, one that allows for silenced groups to be leaders. From my personal experience, I tend to see people overstepping their boundaries, typically due to a lack of knowledge on a concept. And this can range in frustration, but whether it’s a misguided lack of context from a blog post or someone speaking about a history they do not fully understand, people need to learn to sit back and just observe.

For this term, I’m really excited to experiment with WordPress and SketchUp a bit more. I remember using SketchUp (or at least something like it) in early high school, so it’s cool that I get to do this again. And I did not know that you could use HTML and CSS on WordPress. Hopefully, I make the time to experiment with it!


I like SketchUp

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