Carlos’ 3D House Model

Back Right View
Real House Inference

Back Left View


Starting off, I was very lost and got quickly frustrated because of some glitches my browser had. After fixing the issue (I was zoomed out extremely far but the axises appeared really close, which caused a lot of errors trying to make the base of my structure), I had a smooth building process mostly due to my childhood home being a very simple shape. The roof was the hardest part for me, I tried to create it myself a couple of times and eventually turned to the internet for help. I found a very helpful youtuber who creates tutorials for the free version of Sketch Up. Another issue I ran into was the details of the window and door borders of the house. As seen in the reference image, there are some details above the windows and the front door that are missing in the model. I couldn’t figure out how to create something that didn’t look funky, so I opted to make a much simpler border for the two.

Example & Tip

Here’s a close-up of the details I chose to make instead. My favorite quick tip when making detailed parts of the house like this is to use the Push/Pull tool (P is the keyboard shortcut) to give them some depth.

Humanistic Applications

I think this could be a   I think this could be a very useful tool for the human-oriented urban design movement/community. Taking car-centered spaces and changing them in this software to make before/after comparisons would be very impactful and effective in changing minds and inspiring people to take on the goal of creating people-centered spaces in our communities. SketchUp could also serve as a learning ground for future urban designers and city officials.   



  1. I don’t know why there’s a duplicate of the first image. I tried multiple times to find and delete it but I think it might be a glitch.

  2. Wow Carlos, the coloring of the house matches the color of the real house so well. The windows looks very realistic. Great job!

  3. The first picture is duplicated because it’s set as featured image and therefore shows at the top of the post before the content

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