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Although the signup process was a bit of a hassle, once I got into WordPress and started playing around, I thoroughly enjoyed setting up my own website. I have a decent amount of experience working in Shopify and found WordPress to be very similar (both on the upsides and downsides). In terms of the benefits of working in WordPress there are loads of customizable themes to choose from and the process of editing the site is very easy. Additionally, the ability to inject some of your own custom CSS allows for customizable signup buttons, third party JS or even a commercial portal. For casual use WordPress is great, but if you are trying to build a brand or your own business rolling out your own website is incredibly difficult. Not only do you need to refine the design of your site over time starting from what your best guess at a good website is, building good pages in terms of Google Pagerank and optimizing SEO is very difficult.

For my personal use I probably won’t do too much with this platform, maybe write about things I’m interested in but don’t really have any other place to put them. I do watch quite a few weird movies and TV shows so maybe I’ll start to review them and write my general thoughts as well as a plot recap, that would be nice to look back on. Overall a good experience, not sure what else Austin will have us do with our sites but I’m looking forward to it!

Here is the link to my site :thinking emoji: – deep thoughts (



  1. If you know how to use SEO, please let me know. Because I think it’s one of the most important things to bear in mind when one has a website.

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