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Here is the link to my website.

Snapshot of my website's homepage
Snapshot of my website’s homepage

My experience of developing in WordPress was smooth like the other peers have observed. I especially liked how easy it was to change the theme. CSS is something I dread and WordPress made it easy to modify it and actually get the effect I wanted. I will say though, I could not find an easy way to locate the main root html. I was trying to put in a non-traditional font in the website through css, but the only caveat was that I needed to import the style from within the main root html for it to take effect. I ended up not being able to change the font because I could not import the style into the root html properly. If anyone got this to work, please comment below and let me know!

As for how I plan to use this website, I plan to create blog posts and upload essays, but mostly publish my programming work.

One of the benefits of rolling out my own website is that I have full control over the settings and content I put out and in doing so can become my own moderator. I can also use it as a platform to publish things that I’m proud of and share them easily with the world through a single link. One drawback is that I can probably reach more people through a popular social media than by just having my website and nothing else. Also it might be burdensome to maintain the website and try to use SEO on my own to make my website more searchable.



  1. I also could not figure out how to change the font via CSS. If anybody has any ideas, let me and Yemi know!

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