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 Here is my WordPress site. I was able to customize the WordPress site, changing the colors, texts, and images. I discovered that there are many more customization options than I may want to use. It was easy to find simple ways to design the main page and text. The design options were streamlined and available with and without CSS code input. Additionally, adding the comment spam protection was straightforward.

I see that this type of site can help organize different topics, especially with the ability to create different pages. The comments allow direct communication with the public. This type of platform can be useful for individuals, such as for creating blogs for this class or even documenting someone’s career. A benefit to creating one’s own website is that the style and presentation of the information is customized. Furthermore, the information that is posted is contextualized within the website. The information on the website can be organized around specific needs. Finally, WordPress will not make money with ads on the site. A potential drawback is that more work goes into organization on the front end as compared to social media.



  1. Hi Lila, I really enjoyed browsing through your personal website! I really enjoyed reading your about page, which is so elegantly and poetically written. Interesting to find out that you have paddled up to the Arctic Circle and have debated in Mandarin. Very cool! Good luck with your first digital adventure.

  2. Hi Lila, I really like your theme of the website! I agree to your thought that using a personal website is beneficial because you can customize your own blog, and your website is a perfect evidence for that! I also like how you worded your about page so interestingly. Love it!

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