Web Mapping Experience

Here is the link to the embedded map on my site. I thought the directions for web mapping in the ArcGIS online platform were very helpful in figuring out how to add layers and customize the legend and attributes. I found it interesting how information could be mapped on top and in conjunction with other pieces of information. When I tried to add the historical map, it appeared distorted, but I was still able to experiment with adding points, lines, and areas. I realized how much time and detail can go into tracing the geographical features. The bodies of water in the historical map were made with curved, smooth lines, while the line and area features of the ArcGIS platform made straight, thin lines. This difference made it difficult to make a precise line or area. When working with the squirrel data, I was surprised at how easily the txt document was transformed into visual information. It was interesting to see the several different ways in which the information would be presented. This made me realize the importance of investigating the presentation options and not just resorting to the defaults. I think this online platform could be helpful in presenting information in a succinct and digestible manner. This form of visualizing data can help compare and put together different pieces of information. Overall, I think this spatial tool can help to both isolate and put information together.



  1. I think it’s interesting that you bring up the difference between the historic maps and our current modern ones. I also had trouble working with distortion on a map from 1866 which in the grand scheme of things isn’t too long ago. I also agree that tracing out features is tough! I tried to do Michigan at first and there was just too much detail so I switched to Pennsylvania.

  2. I strongly agree that web mapping techniques has made it easy to transfer data into a visual form, which is a point that I didn’t think about before. Also, I like the part that you mentioned about information can be presented in different ways, and the web mapping techniques can isolate information as well as put together.

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