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Web mapping data using ArcGIS was interesting, as it was a new experience watching numeric data change into visual data onto the map, and how the icons changed when I personalize them. I added a map of the type of schools around central park, which are shown using different shapes as labels.

As it was my first time using ArcGIS, and data analysis programs, it was a hard experience for me. I had problems changing the icons, finding the button to change the icons into images. I had to search on the internet to find where I could change it. I did eventually figure it out, but I spent most of my time on it. If there were more explicit buttons I would have spent less time searching for instructions. However, it is true that ArcGIS is a useful way to visualize data, and make different conclusions on how the geography might affect certain type of data. For example, if we look at the squirrel data visualized on the map, we can see what kind of landscape the squirrels are most likely to live in, what kind of fur color is the most common among the squirrels, and more. If there are more specific instructions on how to use this platform, I believe that the ArcGIS would be a very useful online platform to analyze data in the future.


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  1. The types of schools around Central Park was a really interesting touch. I like how they’re separated by type in different colors and shapes.

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