Here is my georeference!

To be honest, I am not sure that my understanding of spatial digital humanities projects has changed that much after georeferencing. I think I got more out of exploring the Roman Archeology maps, and the other maps that we looked at in class. From the This Map page, I can access the map as a Geotiff file and an iiif file — there could be more options that I did not see. The only possibility I can see with my map is comparing what they thought the area looked like in 1886 versus modern satellite images. Differences in landmass are an obvious choice, but you might be able to see diverges in geographical features and towns. I am not sure what the next steps should be other than closely looking at the two maps. Another potential use is to explore a particular feature and map it to a contemporary map. It makes me wonder if there is a more accurate and automated way to locate the difference as doing it “by hand” seems rather imprecise.

First, I am still not completely sure what georeferencing is capable of and if I have enough experience with it. With the website we used, it took me quite a long time to get a valid map that I could actually georeference. Moreover, you could be super precise by using coordinates on a map, or you could be imprecise. Also, it might be difficult to georeference an older map because it was not accurate at all. It also seems that georeferencing is rather tedious and time-consuming. I am not completely sure what uses georeferencing has besides comparing an old map to a new map, so my inclination is that anything other than comparing old and new maps

James Brink


  1. I also agree that this types of projects can help us understand how has the geographic features depicted on the image changed over time.

  2. I agree that the Roman archaeology maps were really insightful and fun to look at! Georeferencing can be useful in specific projects that are based in a spatial question, like where Roman roads used to be based on their maps and on ours, and things like that. But I do agree that if georeferencing isn’t necessary to your question, than it doesn’t seem totally worth it!

  3. I liked the map you chose! And I see that your work is nearly perfect. I am sure that as we move with the class you’ll be able to see more applications for the maps, perhaps in other classes you take you will be able to see applications for this techniques.

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