A Squirrel Census

Embedding the map of squirrel census data in my WordPress website was easier than I thought it would be, but also presented a couple challenges. In general, I’ve always thought embedding was a difficult process, because it sounds difficult and I’ve never really tried before, but the method we used was super simple. The actual embedding was perhaps the easiest part.

I am a huge fan of ArcGIS and its webmapping abilities. With so much of humanities being moved online and so much information just waiting to be shared, webmapping grants accessibility to spatial information that otherwise may not be widely shared. It allows for a different kind of interaction with spatial information, through webmaps and story maps that combine spatial information with photos and text to disseminate information and create narratives.

Also, the platform is generally pretty easy to interact with. Not everything is completely intuitive, but generally it can be figured out and used without too much difficulty, unlike the ArcGIS software. The only issue I experienced with the whole process came with the embedding – the squirrel census data appeared on the embedded map just fine, but the other layer of data (the human population) did not. I am unsure why that is, and tried my best to fix it, but if anyone experienced this problem too, let me know! Overall, I think the potential applications of ArcGIS webmapping is worth the occasional frustration it can present.

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  1. Hi MJ, I also loved using ArcGIS, especially its potential to visualize the relationships of different datasets in spatial information. I checked your ArcGIS map on your website and it seems like the second layer is not showing as you explained. I don’t know how to fix this (sorry I couldn’t help), but I would love to see your map with the second layer!

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