My First WordPress Website

Today I was able to build my first ever WordPress website. Although I faced various challenges during the process of building my website, I enjoyed the journey because I got to learn so many interesting ways of customizing a website. One of the challenges I faced was trying to match the border of the paragraph with my picture. However, after so many failed attempts, I decided to put my picture at the top of the paragraph so it would look cleaner and not interfere with the border of the paragraph. I enjoyed testing different themes and editing the page layouts. I wanted my website to look simple and clean so I went with a solid background and added the option for dark-mode to make it better for the visitors. I am planning to use this platform to write about my projects and share more about my interests. One drawback with rolling my own website might be trying to communicate with visitors since there is a limited communication channel, comment section. However, I think linking my social media to my website and vice versa might help with this challenge. Overall, this was a fun and engaging lab that helped me learn a lot during the process.

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