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It has been quite straightforward to create this website both because of how detailed the instructions were, and because I have my own WordPress-based website that I created a few months ago. However, I did not try to modify the website by using CSS because I’ve never used that before and I was absent from class last week as I was sick. I plan to go to the tutoring sessions for this course someday to ask for help on that. I should not hide the fact that I experienced some issues when modifying the website, for example, I could not change fonts. If anyone could help me on that, it would be great.

I will be using the website for uploading some interesting things about how I plan to help Mauritius (the country I am from) and the world at large in the education sector. This is actually one of my long-term goals and I started working on it about two years ago. I have been using Facebook to share videos of me explaining confusing and fun physics concepts and hiring tutors to provide individualized sessions in the other subjects. I just created my own website a few months ago (called EdRevo) which I hope will make students’ lives easier. My goal is to be a physics researcher and professor, but I want to make an impact in education in general.

Creating one’s own website has many advantages; the most obvious one is that we can share with the world anything we are passionate about with just one link. It is also more formal than just posting on social media. Another huge benefit of a website is that through SEO, the website can appear as a top result after someone searches it on Google. One disadvantage of a website compared to social media is that a lot of people are constantly on social media nowadays, so it might be the best way to grab people’s attention. Ideally, one could use social media to advertise one’s website so that people who really want to know about you/your content/products/services can visit the website.

Here is the link to the Carleton hosted website that you may visit every now and then to (hopefully) learn my plans about improving the tutoring structure of Mauritius: My website – Welcome to my website (carleton.edu)


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