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Hi everyone, feel free to check out my new website, Jeanny’s Realm!

I had a lot of fun setting up, building, and touching up my personal website. The variety of themes in WordPress is created a decision-making dilemma for me. It took me a lot of time to find one that I like and also suits the theme of digital humanities. Because I intend to use this website for displaying my blog posts and digital humanities projects, I really want to have a menu on the left side of the website for the ease of search. I also picked the dark mode of the theme because it is common for coding environments to have dark background and it looks cooler.

I had more fun customizing the website’s CSS code. I first changed the font of the website so it appears to be the font used in coding, aligning with the digital technologies theme. Then I adjusted the margins of the website title and the menu bar so they look more aesthetically pleasing. I further customized the menu content in WordPress to reduce redundant information.

I plan to use this platform to host all my digital humanities blog posts and projects. It would also be very interesting to document the steps, experiences, and difficulties in completing a digital humanities project. This website can serve as a portfolio of my works in digital humanities.

The pros of developing one’s own website include:

  • You can customize the website design.
  • You have control of the website content.
  • It is impressive to have a personal website. It exhibits professionalism.

The cons of developing one’s own website include:

  • The server and the domain name costs money to maintain.
  • It also takes time and energy and maintain the website.
  • You might not reach a broad audience.



  1. I really love the font choice for this theme, it really sets the tone of the space you’re putting DGAH projects into. I also really like the placement of the menu, I can imagine it being a lot easier to navigate than traditional menus might when you have a lot of projects to showcase.

  2. Wow. We both found the same theme and switched it to dark mode. This theme can be our secret. I like the font change. I might do something similar.

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