SketchUp is a free 3D modeling tool, and I tried it to make a model of my childhood house (or apartment).
It was my first time using this, and the web version was easy to access with various features. For example, the push/pull function was a useful feature to transform a 2D object to a 3D object.

Front view

However, the real problems showed up when I started to build more complex models than just rectangles. The first problem was building a roof that comes out from the building. At first, I tried to pull the triangle from the building itself but it failed. Instead, I changed my approach and built the entrance separately and combined it with the building later. The second problem appeared when I was making the entrance. The entrance supposed to have a spiral ramp for wheelchair or bicycle, but I couldn’t create a ramp that has different heights of ends. Eventually, I had to remove the ramp and design the entrance just with the stairs (as you can see from the front view).

Diagonal view

Lastly, to give a tip from my short experience, I personally used select tool a lot to copy the windows. After selecting the windows you are trying to copy from, option + click (one of the windows) would copy them and you could place the copied items wherever you want. This made the process much easier and I hope this helps.

SketchUp is a simple tool to draw models in 2D or 3D, and I thought this could be a useful means to design the objects that cannot be present such as historical restorations or a birds-eye view of future construction plan, or in many other fields.


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  1. Spiral staircase…the memories. Yeah everything was so much more difficult to actually make!

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