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Peter Childhood house

As a newcomer to 3D modeling, creating a new model from scratch is definitely a challenge for me. My childhood house is an old apartment building that can be divided into 2 parts. The first part is the latter portion of the house: a long rectangle house with a fairly standard roof. (fig 1) The second part is three identical blocks of houses that have windows and doors. (fig 2)

Figure 1
Fig 1
Figure 2
Fig 2

My challenge is the unique roof shape of the second part. There is a triangle shape in the middle of the little roof that puzzles me for a long time. I end up separating the block of the house into three identical parts with two parts having a downward roof shape and the middle one having an upper triangle shape. Then I add a line in the middle and move the position of two points to create the triangle shape. However, since the roof I created is divided into 3 parts, it is difficult for me to extend my roof. Every time I try to extend the roof, the roof structure messes up completely thus it is a compromise I have to make.

Nevertheless, SketchUp is a great tool for me to find the right texture and color pattern for my childhood house. I remember clearly that the house has a picky wall in the very middle. Luckily, SketchUp has a material called Brick Basket which I think captures the essence of that picky wall. Also, the translucent glass material makes the window looks more realistic.

A tip that helps me a lot is select –> group –> copy & paste. Since there is a lot of similarity in my childhood house. Creating several groups and copy-pasting into different positions is a great way to increase efficiency. Moreover, grouping can help me to easily to achieve some symmetric features of the house instead of aligning all the elements by hand.



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