First SketchUp Design

This is the front view of my childhood house as best as I can remember it:

Front view

Here is how it looks like from some other angles:

Back view
Side view

I found this task to be rather easy as I had some design experiences from high school although I used paper, pencil and ruler back then. I managed to finish this sketch in less than 2 hours. One thing that bogged me down was I could not really figure out how to make a proper window(with its frame and pane). Similarly, I did not know how to make a fence for the veranda. Another issue I faced was how to copy and paste certain parts so that I don’t have to re do them manually. One compromise that I made was about rhe size of the cylindrical pillars on the veranda; when I tried to reduce the size, it got too small, and when I tried to enlarge it it got too big. So I decided not to change the size although I wanted it to be slightly smaller to reflect its true proportion(in my real house). I think the sketch up tool is useful for humanistic purposes in the areas of teaching and research: university professors can use this software, for example in an engineering class, to aid the visualization of certain structures. Furthermore, since the designs are digital, they can be made accessible to a large number of people and things Iike surveys can be done about how appealing the design looks, how cost effective it is, how durable it is, etc… Lastly, one tool from my first Sketch Up experience that I found really useful was the use of the dimensions: we can just type out the dimension to ensure that a particular object appears as the correct size.


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