SketchUp 3D

I tend to think of myself as an extremely tactile and visual learner. I believe that I take well to learning new, especially technological, tools and applications. SketchUp 3D proved to be one of the few times that I could not grasp the mechanics. In particular, I struggled with the use of texture, moving and adjusting set pieces, and most of all the controls of the entire application. I tend to be used to snappy, responsive controls which are coded to know the exact intent of its user. For example, I play many video games which involve puzzles, drag, and drop, or systems of aim assist/auto-targeting. These are coded by their creators to know what place, part, and thing to snap to, and can even predict its own users’ inputs. SketchUp 3D, on the other hand, is a mainly creative/artistic tool that was intended to have its rules bent by its users. Rather than knowing the intended target or aim of the user, this program leaves a blank space, which can be filled with various objects. When I look at some of the other examples of houses made by other students, I’m amazed at the depth of color, detail, and unique uses of objects compared to my attempt at my childhood apartment. Beyond the inherent restrictions of not being able to show the outside of my home like some others, I hope to be able to work on my SketchUp 3D skills and improve them until I can fully model my apartment. Until then, I will use these ancient words to empower myself: “Graphic Design is My Passion


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