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I had fun customizing my theme’s CSS to remove padding, change the location of buttons, and add shadow to 2 headings. Using the Simple Custom CSS Plugin and the inspect tool in Chrome helped me do this. Some elements took quite a bit of poking around to pinpoint exactly what I was trying to manipulate. I’d never made a site on WordPress before, so I learned about the different font and color customizations, the different block options, and site security.

[Spam] comments can harm your site’s credibility, reputation, and security. A spammer can also leave malicious links in your comment section and harm your site’s SEO.

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I’d made sites on website builders like Weebly and Google Sites, but had never even thought about installing spam protection.

In addition, an independent website gives one the liberty to direct the audience’s eyes and attention to an extent that can’t be manipulated through social media. For example, I could choose to feature my newest blog posts on my front page, or reorder my menu items in an order I want them to be seen. 

It would be really cool to have a portfolio to showcase my design experience when applying to internships, or a blog that I can link to social medias. I always think it’s so cool when people have digital portfolios that appear first when searching their name online (and hopefully one day I’ll have enough content that I can also fill and use this website too).


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