Childhood House

Image of childhood house

This was my first time using sketch up and I enjoyed the process to design a model of my childhood house. During this process, I faced several challenges that were frustrating, but also helped me learn how to use the tools better. My favorite tool was the push and pull that I used the most to design the structure of the house. It also helped me with creating fences and pillars to hold some other structures of the house. Creating the general structure of the house was not too difficult, it was the details that were difficult. For example, making sure the windows are evenly spaced out and look natural was a challenging task. The moving tool was difficult to use because it acts differently than what I expected. After using the moving tool to adjust the roof of the house, I realized there were some changes to the front structure of the house that I did not intend to make. Therefore, I learned to be more careful when using the tools to make edits to specific parts of the house, because it could change some other parts of the house that I was not paying attention to. One compromise I had to make was giving up the look of the house because of the challenges of making windows. I think this tool is very helpful in designing models of past civilizations that historians can use to better understand the lifestyle of people in the past. Overall, I enjoyed the process of creating my childhood house on sketch up. I recommend using the scaling tool because it helped me to adjust the size of the objects I used to make it more realistic.

Back Right View
Back View
Back Left View
Rightside View
Top View
Rightside View
Front Left View
Front View
Front Right View

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