Time for Bacon!

I’m going to be honest. When I saw ‘Francis Bacon’, my mind went to ‘Kevin Bacon’, so that’s why I check out this project. Still, I found it pretty interesting.

The many connections of Queen Elizabeth
The many connections of Queen Elizabeth

‘The Six Degrees of Francis Bacon’ is an everchanging dataset that recreates many of the connections of notable people (painters, scholars, etc.) from 1450 – 1750. This is a collaboration between many teachers and students from different colleges, who actively “expand, revise, curate, and critique” the data set. The connection for one node goes down at most 2 degrees (the smallest, hollow circle you can find). It’s pretty easy to navigate. You click on one person (say Queen Elizabeth I) and from there you’re shown multiple connections, and you click on another person. You can also filter out connections by their occupation/what they were known for (ex: Diplomats, Judges). It’s pretty neat, but I wish Kevin Bacon was in it.


I like SketchUp

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  1. Compared to the project I looked at, it is interesting to see interactive graphs, and I wonder how necessary it is.

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