GIS Mapping & Map Making, If Only…

Web Mapping in ArcGIS was a new and interesting activity for me. I definitely saw the benefits of layering different features on top of each other to create a whole picture or removing layers to create a simpler, clearer picture. I did find it hard to navigate the enormous suite of ArcGIS. Though we only used two of the tools available, the thought of having 15+ tools at my disposal felt a little overkill.

I would love to try some more mapping work, but don’t feel that my field of interest in this course would fit within the universal goods of GIS Mapping. The map that I chose and maps with bad historical context do pose a problem for mapping as there are differences in scale, shape, and inaccuracy in the map’s story. I could definitely see an ancient roman map coming from a Roman who has good documentation of the nation being of use here, but that is not the case for most accessible maps of the world today.

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  1. It’s interesting how we did all of this using only a few of the tools that were available to us.This indicates how useful this platform really is.

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