Communicating Data

In this modern, technology driven age, data can be found all around us. It is a strong skill to be able to discover trends and meaning in data, and it is an equally important skill to be able to communicate these data. Web mapping unlocks various modes of communication. It can use the data to tell stories and improve research. Our squirrel mapping project serves as a fun example of the potentials of web mapping. Something as silly as squirrel spottings in Grant Park can serve as a foundation of a web mapping project that tells a story. My project can be found here.

The ArcGIS online platform does a good job in making web mapping accessible. Online services have been making various tools accessible for a while now, and I believe this is a positive trend. Examples of such services include SketchUp (3D modeling) and Replit (coding). The online ArcGIS platform was easy to read and pick up on. I would imagine this site is great for beginners.

Eric Gassel

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