“I’m uncomfortable with any culture that encourages you take on an entire identity, rather than to express a facet of your own identity”

Why I’m not a maker? – Debbie Chachra

Reading this article was very interesting. It offered great insight on what it means to be a “maker”, and describes an opinion on capitalism and how material things are the only prove of our success. Moving into the quote that resonated with me in this article, I find it particularly interesting because at first I thought it was true, although I thought it was a little bit out of place in the article. However, as I kept reading I understood that the author was trying to tell us that now we are being raised to take on what is supposed to give us a better social status, rather than to express ourselves and make what makes us happy, simply because we will not be as good as the rest.

This was important to me because as an immigrant I was conflicted in how to act when I first got here. I did not grow up in the united states, which means that the culture was unfamiliar to me at the moment, and I feared that I would enter a clash of cultures when I began to meet people. With this in mind, I thought about presenting myself in what I considered was the most “fitting” way; I wanted to take on an identity foreign to me because I feared mine wouldn’t be as good.

This quote made me think that I wanted to see how all the humanities and the computational methods interact with each other. This interests me because every area stays authentic, rather than trying to simulate their siblings, and together they achieve great results.


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