Creating My Site- Carlos

Hello, here’s the link to my website.

This was my first time making a website on WordPress, and before that I had very little experience making websites and with graphic design overall. This limited me from making my site as good as I wanted it to be. For example, I created new pages for my projects and blog post, but when I redirected headers to go to the page link, it just displayed the text from the page onto the home page instead of taking me to that specific page. That’s a question I’d like to have solved later on. Additionally, I wanted to remove a widget and just have two widgets at the bottom of my site (one with the projects link and the other with the posts link), but I couldn’t manage to get rid of the third footer widget even after following the removal instructions ist provided. Overall I had a lot of fun with the process and I hope to get better at the technical stuff with site-building.

I see myself using this as a way to track my progress in this class and, more importantly, gain experience with site-building since I see it as a very useful skill and one of my interests. I think control over the aesthetic and design is both a benefit and possible shortcoming of having my own site compared to something like social media. If my vision doesn’t align with the format provided by social media platforms, then a site might be the option for me, but only if I know how to realize what I want. Otherwise, it’s risky to potentially make a convoluted unnavigable site.


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