Chachra on Challenging Assumptions

 “I’m uncomfortable with any culture that encourages you take on an entire identity…I call bullshit on the stigma and the culture and values behind it that rewards making above everything else.”

Chachra, Debbie. “Why I Am Not a Maker.” The Atlantic, Atlantic Media Company, 23 Jan. 2015,

I chose to make my blog on this article because I felt it made some of the deepest observations on digital humanities and the tech industry overall that resonated with me the most. Chachra’s words I chose to share describe aspects of a culture that is problematic historically and in its application today in tech. Chachra points to misogynistic connotations of the idea that “people who make things are simply different [read: better] than those who don’t” by mentioning that the real alternative to making (maintenance, analysis, repair, etc.) Is overlooked. An example he uses is how education, a field largely composed of women, is seen by government bodies the same way other caretaking tasks are seen by tech companies.

An example from the real world I can think of is the journey of one of my favorite video games, Rainbow 6: Siege. Developed by Ubisoft, Rainbow Six had a very anticipated release that was followed by a very disappointing first year. The game was plagued with bugs, hitbox errors, client-sided errors, and many visual imperfections that made it less competitive and fun. In an industry that prioritizes pumping out new titles every year for the most profit, Ubisoft made the decision to reconsider its priorities and focus more on fixing its game and creating a foundation on which it could be maintained over the years. Ubisoft’s decisions reflect Chachra’s point of maintenance, caretaking, and analysis being just as important as making. The game went on to become one of the companies most well-known titles, generating over one billion dollars and counting.

In regards to the class, I’m really interested in building environments with some sort of software like Unreal Engine. I’m completely new to 3D Modeling and design; the topic has been one of my interests for a while. My high school was very small and I didn’t have many extracurriculars to choose from. This is the first design/modeling/digital arts class I’ve ever taken, and I have far more questions than I do specific goals, but I’m looking forward to it. Whatever project we end up working on, it’s important to remember Chachra’s arguments about the connotations of creating and sustaining/caretaking projects.


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