Midterm Exam

Your midterm exam, on Tuesday February 15, will test and review the technical skills you have acquired to date. You’ll be expected to take a new dataset and turn it into a mini one page digital project by doing the following:

(The exam will begin in class, be open-book and you will have 48 hours from the start of class to complete it.)

  1. Explore the Data and decide which set you want to use
    1. The data will be drawn from open-source resources at
      1. http://www.claremontrun.com/Data.html
      2. https://github.com/wcmaart/collection
      3. https://github.com/BritishMuseumDH
      4. https://github.com/iulibdcs/cushman_photos
      5. https://github.com/tategallery/collection
      6. https://www.gutenberg.org/
      7. And other sources
  2. Perform any data cleaning, sorting, or filtering necessary using Excel, Sheets, OpenRefine or another tool
  3. Then DO ONE of the following
    1. Create a small digital exhibition in Omeka
    2. Analyze a text for word frequency, trends, collocation or another text analysis metric
    3. Create and publish an illustrated timeline or other data visualization using Google Sheets, Flourish, RAWGraphs.io, TimelineJS or another data viz tool
    4. Create a network analysis graph in Palladio, Gephi, or another tool
    5. Geolocate, then map and publish your data as an interactive, illustrated web map
    6. Create and publish a 3D building model using a set of photographs either in SketchUp, via photogrammetry, or a modeling program of your choice.
  4. CREATE a new subdomain of your reclaim hosting domain for “midterm”
  5. Then create a new webpage at that subdomain by EITHER
    1. Installing a new application through Installatron
    2. Creating a simple webpage from scratch with HTML and CSS
  6. EMBED the output of step 2 in your webpage
  7. Write a brief, single-page description that enumerates the components of your mini-project, i.e. it’s
    1. Sources (the dataset you used)
    2. Processes (any data cleaning, formatting, and analysis tools and techniques you used, and why)
    3. Presentation (website design and embed/illustration decisions)
    4. Significance: what insights can be gained by applying your chosen digital approach to the data?
  8. Finally, post the link to your project as a new blog post on THIS SITE
    1. Categorize it Midterm
    2. Add any relevant Tags
    3. Provide a link to your midterm site and a brief one sentence description of the project.

You should review for the midterm by going over the previous labs on this site. You can use the data at the links above to practice, but you will be given focused subsets from these for the actual exam.