Final Project Work Session

First, congrats on completing your midterm mini-projects! They look great so far and I’ll be giving you detailed feedback by Thursday, posted in Moodle.

Second, I have commented on each of your group posts on this website with some suggestions for next steps and resources. Look over them, comment back if needed and ask questions as we work in today’s session.

DH Awards 2021

Today is project work day, so we’ll check in and do hands on work.  But first, for inspiration, check out the

DH Awards 2021 Voting

These are annual community awards (with a prize of nothing but bragging rights). Voting is up through the 17th of March. There should be good inspiration as we work towards our own final projects.

Final Project Update (3/1)

Assignment 2 — The Details (Week 8)

Now that you’ve had some time to research and figure out what the possibilities are in terms of sources and technologies, write a blog post on the course blog tagged with your project stating the following:

  • Progress
    • What have you done so far, who have you talked to, what have you gathered, and what have you built?
  • Problems (and proposed solutions)
    • What issues have you run into?
    • Have they forced you to change your initial plan?
    • Do you have a proposed solution or do you need help formulating one?
  • Tools and techniques
    • What applications/languages/frameworks have you selected and how are you going to implement them?
  • Deliverables
    • An updated timeline of deliverables
    • Is you project still on track?

Remember to include citations and/or links to any resources, tools, or information that you reference.

On your own blogs, write a brief message outlining your personal work on the project, your personal plans for the future, and add a link to the groups post