My Esri Georeferencing Experience

Esri Georeferenced Map of the United States 1815
Esri Georeferenced Map of the United States 1815

My first impression with Esri was that I had so much fun overlaying layers and drawing lines and polygons. Although my clumsy georectifying caused significant discrepancies between the historical map and the actual map, causing me to create a new Mississippi river, I enjoyed the process. But more importantly I saw the potential to use georeferencing in exploring a particular city that I love — New York City. I recently listened to an NPR podcast about the lifecycle of cities, and it sparked an interest in me to learn how the NYC cityscape changed over time, from a farmland to a skyscraper-filled metropolis. I want to study its life-cycle, it’s geographic history that is far removed from being static. To do this I can overlay layers of NYC maps throughout time, and vectorize significant landmarks in the cities in each time period, documenting the rise and fall of skyscrapers, and the gradual urbanization of the city. In terms of presentation, I can use animation, or a story map, to tell a story about how NYC as we know it came to be.



  1. Hey Yami, I think how the NYC cityscape changed over time is a great project to explore and web mapping can be an excellent tool to explore. I also think drawing lines and polygons is a great pleasure and it can allow you to see how different geographic features have changed throughout time.

  2. Hi Yemi, I will listen to that podcast! It sounds very interesting. Thank you for sharing.

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