Network Analysis Project. Six Degrees of Francis Bacon

This project is titled Six Degrees of Francis Bacon. It shows a graph that illustrates people who are related to each other.

The graph’s nodes represent people; the size and color of each node is meant to indicate degree of separation. Each node is labeled so that the reader can know how people are connected. Some names that stand out are, naturally, Francis Bacon, King James I and IV, Queen Elizabeth I, Anthony Bacon, and Thomas Hobbes.

The nodes are connected by edges, these are used to show that two people are connected. There are two types of edges; the first one being a gray edge, which represents that the relation is obtain thorough statistical inference. The second kind of edge is a black edge, these edges represent that the connection has been done via human contribution.

Six Degrees of Francis Bacon is an ongoing project, meaning that it is still being developed! Furthermore, anyone can participate in it. According the project overview website, everybody is free to collaborate, revise, expand, curate and critique. You can check out the project overview website to get the codebase for the site.

Note that since this is a project that keeps growing, anytime that information is retrieved, it is important to indicate the date when the site was consulted. To me this represents an inconvenience, because to make sure that I can claim that two people are related by looking at the graph, I would have to wait some time so that the site is revised and the connection is still “accepted”.


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