Journey to the East – Final Project Link

Our project outlines the travels of two Carleton students in Sichuan Province, China during the years of 1938 and 1939. For now, we have created 10 StoryMaps on their journeys, along with a bibliography page for all the sources we used, and posted them to the website. We also have the 3D model as well as the introduction embedded (posts are published but they are not clearly presented yet). We are still working on the home page and the overall layout of the website, mainly through theme selection to better present our StoryMaps. In addition, the audio is still in the process of recording and uploading to the website.

Update (March 14, 2022):

Our project is about the travels of Domke and Caton, two Carleton students, in Sichuan, China from 1938 to 1939. We created a temporal and visual tour of their journey with photos, videos, and letters taken from the Carleton archives. Our website includes ten StoryMaps, a 3D model of a Chinese music book, and several additional pages on our process and sources. Strap in and embark on this fabulous digital journey to the other side of the globe!

Our website can be visited here.


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