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The CarlClubs is a website dedicated to the history and current state of clubs at Carleton. It intertwines both the history of former clubs and greater student entertainment and the full roster and info of currently operating Carleton clubs. The project is created through Omeka and Curatescape, two resources available for students at Carleton. Some of the main features of the project include – an interactive map where users can interact with various clubs by clicking on them on the map, a timeline where users can see the history of clubs that have existed for a while, and a section dedicated to “tours”, where users can view several categories of clubs that we find interesting or enlightening. Our project has information of 140 clubs, 93 of them have location information, and 94 of them present us the founding time. We also created 4 tours, one focusing on the clubs founded before the 1900s, one focusing on the clubs founded in recent years (2020 and 2021), one focusing on our group members’ favorite clubs, and one focusing on all the Acapella clubs at Carleton.

Here is the link.


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