My Squirrels of Central Park

Here is the ArcGIS map I made of squirrels in Central Park. The embedding of the map into my site allows you to resize and move around in the map while staying on my WordPress page. 

It’s very cool that ArcGIS is able to rescale elements and map features so smoothly as you zoom in and out. It is able to pick which data to add or lose very effectively in order to not overcrowd the map. This is an incredible difference from a physical map, in which we would not be able to input this amount of data (this many individual squirrels) without quickly overcrowding the map, and may have to result in a less understandable format or reduce the precision of the presentation of the data. 

I enjoyed being able to customize the squirrel icons so easily and explore the other options for presenting the data, such as converting the data points into a heat map. In addition, ArcGIS has many cool options of basemaps to choose from to best suit the data being displayed.


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